Image Capture Not Recognizing My iPhone

Just a quick little blog post regarding an issue I had.

As stated above, I plugged my iPhone into my computer to transfer photos. Both iTunes and Image Capture opened automatically, and while iTunes recognize my iPhone, Image Capture showed that there was no device or scanner attached.

I immediately went on a Google goose chase - searching for the answer to my question "Why isn't Image Capture working since my upgrade to Yosemite?"

That was the wrong question to be asking. You see, I read someone's message that stated they had a problem with their cord. So, I unplugged the cord from one side of my keyboard and plugged it into the other side. Mac keyboards have USB ports, one on each side. One of my USB ports is not fully functional, although it does work a bit.

Once I plugged it into the other side, all of my photos from my phone showed up in Image Capture. It's weird and I don't get it. But maybe this will help someone else!

Sequim Washington

I ran across this old post card and am having some intense nostalgia:Silver Sands Resort Old Postcard

My family and I lived at the Silver Sands Resort for one Winter. My parents were managing the place. Could you ask for anything better than living beach-side with woods and meadows in your back yard? I think not. My friend had horses, so we rode on the beach and in the woods. I was living the dream.

I haven't been back to Sequim, but I intend to go check it out soon. That resort no longer exists as it was in 1976. Ahhh but why would it? That was 38 years ago.

The Holidays Are Coming

I have been enjoying our late lovely summer weather. I seriously cannot get enough.

While I was out spending some time with my lovely mum and my lovely daughter yesterday and after I had dropped both of them off, my car broke down. My view was wonderful as you can see from the top photo of my Instagram.

In the meantime with weather so nice, it seems unlikely to think of things like knitting or making when you just want to get out and go to the beach!

Then I came across this delightful blog post: Handmade in August. I have added her to my links on my blog so that I don't forget to continue to visit.

That is all for today. What are you doing reading blogs? Go out and enjoy what is left of our late summer!

Sandblasting Stencils

I have been working on some stencils for sandblasting. OK. It's been fun.

Crow in a tree with doodles

Crow in a tree with doodles

I started in Illustrator with my Wacom Tablet. I am still learning how to use it. But once I finished, I printed it out on ink jet film and then exposed the film onto the photo resist (from Rayzist).
Skull with Doodles

Skull with Doodles

Then I rinsed the resist and ended up with a pretty good stencil I used for sandblasting. I sandblasted it onto a light piece of tile that I picked up as a remnant tile from a kitchen back-splash.

Pumpkin with doodles

Pumpkin with doodles

The sandblasted piece didn't turn out as good as I had hoped but I believe I can correct a few things and do it again. I also think as they are, the stencils could be used on glass.

Well, I better get back to work!

Artist Date

I learned this concept of an artist date from a book I am reading called "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron.

My lovely, talented and creative mother recommended it to me. It has always been her hope that her children would not lose their creativity from childhood. Most of us do because we get busy with raising our families and the business of life. It's sad, because I believe our creativity is tied to that playful persona that gets lost.

Cloudy day in Graham Washington

Cloudy Day

I took a small road trip just for fun on a beautiful day. It was an assignment from this book. You are to do something that makes you happy and I love driving and taking pictures. My photos aren't spectacular, but they are things that catch my eye and I think are beautiful in the moment.

I was driving along and looked into a very new, gated community. Somebody left the gate open, lucky for me! Some of these people have an amazing view. I think I want one of those some day!

I love the way taking a different road or path - different from the way you usually go - opens up your mind to the possibilities. I don't understand how it does it, but it does. I began to think of unique patterns and designs that I could draw. I thought of owning my own farm someday. I wondered why the world seems more empathetic to Hamas and the Palestinians and doesn't view Hamas as terrorists. As you can see, my mind was wandering just like my car.

Arbor of grapes in Orting, Washington

Arbor of Grapes

I then realized that I didn't recognize my surroundings. I have always called myself location-impaired because I get lost really easily and have a hard time getting my bearings. I also didn't have a signal on my cell phone, so I could not use my trusty map app on my iPhone. Then I looked East then West, chose a direction based on instinct, and got to where I needed to be! Praise Jesus, I am healed of my disability! But not before I saw this arbor with grapes all over it out in the middle of an empty field in Orting, Washington.

Engraved Glass Video

While this is not a tutorial, I wanted to share how engraving looks so beautiful on glass. To record, I used an app on my iPhone 5s called "Shadow Puppet". If you are interested, click it. It is free (yaaay for free!).

This is half of a wine bottle I hand-engraved with two different rotary tools - a Dremel-type rotary for the polishing, and a dental-type high-speed rotary tool.

First we cut the bottle with a bottle cutter tool and hot and cold water. Works like a charm! Then we sanded the edges with a belt sander and some fine sand paper. Then I engraved it.

Display the Date on Your Blog Post, Please

I just want to briefly state (because I am not a rant-er) that if you are blogging about things that are time sensitive, it helps everyone if you make sure the date of your post appears somewhere above or near the top of your article. Posts having to do with technology of ANY kind have a time relevancy that other subjects may not have. I visited a site to find out how to upload my iPhone photos to Google+. I tried using the app indicated in the article and it is no longer available. The article is very well written, but I was disappointed that it was outdated and that I couldn't tell by just looking at the date of the article. So frustrated, in fact, that I said the f-word. OK, I'm done!

Repurposed Marble and Granite



This is what I started with. Then I did an image transfer to the marble.
  • I printed my image on regular copy paper using my Epson xp310 Inkjet printer. Unlike other inkjet printers, this particular printer uses a kind of waterproof ink. Otherwise, use a laser printer.
  • I covered the ink side of the printed image with Golden Gel Medium Heavy Gel (Gloss) and positioned it on the marble.
  • I rubbed the wrinkles flat and let it dry for 8 hours.
  • I took a wet rag and dabbed the image. I started rubbing in a circular motion until I took off a layer of the paper.
  • I let it dry again (only an hour or so), and then used my fingers in the same circular motion. I had to be careful not to rub too much to lift the glue (Golden Medium).
  • I repeated letting it dry and then wetting and rubbing off paper until I felt I had removed all of the paper.
  • A Vintage Girl on Marble

    A Vintage Girl on Marble

    I was pretty happy with the results. I think these will make great paper weights so I added some cork to the bottom to prevent them from scratching the desk. They can be used upright on even lying down.
    Victorian Paperweight with cork on the bottom

    Victorian Paperweight with cork on the bottom

    Enjoy! And questions are welcome. Sometimes I may answer "I don't know" because I just don't know everything. But if I do know it, I will share it.

    Exciting News!

    I have quit my "day job". It is a bittersweet thing. I am doing to spend more time with family members. I don't want to miss a moment with my mom, and my work schedule did not allow much freedom. In this time, I am going to be sandblasting and engraving recycled glass to make shades for pendant lights. I have yet to purchase some of the equipment, but believe me, it is going to happen. This was a rather short, but exuberant update. Cannot wait! Love my employer (they are the best), but my last day happens this week. I'm going to own that last day like no other. Sweet dreams, All.